Our Podcast

MP Red is the podcast of the LFCNY and is recorded, produced, edited and bottlewashed, styled, manicured and permed right here in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC.

MP Red was first published in May 2006 and we’re still going strong. The podcast itself is a mix of all things Liverpool and many things football. Liverpool-centric we like to call it. So while you will get all the news and opinions about Liverpool FC, there is also much about the football world beyond Anfield. MP Red has been praised in the blogosphere especially for its panel discussions and for A Kick In The Grass, a segment which has recognizable names from the world of journalism. The panel guests are all members of the LFCNY and particular praise for the panel discussions has focussed on the sensible and in-depth nature of the conversations. Sometimes we have comprehensive interviews with visiting former Liverpool players such as Jan Molby, Phil Neal, Bruce Grobbelaar and Ian Callaghan.

While we’re not always as frequent as we would like – real life intrudes more often than we would like – as the oldest Liverpool-centric podcast we take great care to ensure that every episode will always be of interest to all Liverpool fans and most football fans.

Discussions, news, opinions, all without the shouting and ranting, we like to tell ourselves.

Produced by Porcelain Audio for the LFCNY.

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