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Thread: LFCNY Forum Rules and a How To Use the Forum - Please Read, especially newbies.

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    Default LFCNY Forum Rules ... Please Read

    Welcome, everyone, to the LFCNY Forums.

    We have made a few tweaks here and there and, we believe these are one of the better LFC Boards on the web.

    As with all message boards, success here depends on the posters, the topics and the moderation. The point of moderation is not to censor topics, promote a point of view, or any other secret agenda. The point is to keep the forums free flowing, enjoyable and promote a healthy exchange of views.

    Rules & Goals of the Forums

    The primary aim of these boards is to exchange opinions and information about Liverpool FC and the NYC Supporters Club with other posters.

    Nearly all the rules about posting have been made with this in mind.

    If there are infractions, loosely speaking, the procedure will be:

    1. Poster is notified by Private Message (PM) to take it easy. Consider this the equivalent of a stern talking-to from the ref.

    2. Poster is given a Yellow Card. This means that the poster cannot start any new threads and is one step away from a permanent ban. Can be reviewed.

    3. Poster is given a Red Card. Poster loses all priviledges. This will be reviewed by all moderators.

    4. If the poster reregisters under a new screen name during any of the above, or if the Red is made permanent, there will be an IP ban.

    Straight Red Cards No Warning

    a) Direct Personal Insult. I.E. "You are an idiot," and all the variations. This isn't grade school, this is an exchange of opinions and information.

    b) Spam. Advertising for external events or products, posted anywhere with the exception of the Commercial Forum, where there are rules.

    Yellow Cards and PM Warnings (Persistent breaches will lead to Red)

    1. Trolling and Flaming - this is more of a pattern, and will get you a certain Yellow; if its egregious enough it can be a straight Red. Bottom line, don't try to pick fights, don't try to piss off others.

    2. Persistent bad language Im not going to spell it out!

    3. When your posts regularly require closer moderation. Call this the persistent fouling Yellow.

    Appeals Process
    We are not always right though we always think we are!!
    If you think you've been given a Yellow or Red by mistake or unfairly, PM (private message) us, and tell us why.

    Reporting Dodgy Posts
    If you believe a post is obnoxious, obscene or whatever, report it to the Mods, by clicking on the Roadsign icon and tell us the problem.

    Thanks, and enjoy.

    LFCNY Forums Admin & Moderators
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    Default The New Boards: A How To

    These boards have been up and running for a bit; while most people seem to be getting the hang of things, here's a link to General Usage and FAQs which should help.
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