YEAH PEOPLE THE uNITED sOCCER LEAGUES (USL) CONSISTING OF FOUR LEAGUES BELOW mls HERE ACROSS THE POND HAS JUST LAUNCHED A 32 TEAM e-CUP TOURNAMENT, thats right actual players, and ringers will participate in a RCOKET SOCCER league tournament with official teams from the championship (immeditel below MLS) and the league one, below them.

if you are not farmiliar with ROCket Soccer,its a video game where you score with rocket powered cars and a ball thats actually bigger than the cars, which can be customized like most games and have special abilities like jumping. watch games here

the tournament begins March 31st and ends April 10th, and 32 pro teams have committed to participating, its something to watch while on lockdown anyway, you might end up playing yourself.

here is the rollout of teams