I can think of no pithier title than the simple one I chose, simply because two CL finals in two years is something truly special (not to mention the way we got through the semi-final).

As is my tradition, I entered the lottery for the general sale in February and landed a Category 1 ticket and took UEFA up on that (even if I had been forced to sell it to some Spurs fan for the price of a new VW Golf). After the quarters, I booked my flights from Bilbao to Madrid & from Madrid to London, burning some BA miles, figuring I'd eat those if Barca rolled us. I had the sense (as I was home, sober) to immediately go on Trivago after the last game and managed to book the last €250/night hotel room in Madrid. Sorted. If any of the four remaining Forumites are going, I'd love to meet up!

With the gloating in, let's talk about the game. Think Bobby will be fit for the final; he certainly looks a better chance than Kane. Front 3 same, back 5 same (TAA, please). Who to play in midfield? For me it's Gini, Hendo & Fabinho.

Spurs wouldn't have been my choice for the match, if only for the romanticism of meeting a fallen European great like Ajax (and I hold no interest in an 'all-English' final, ugh). Plenty of Spurs fan around where I live (admittedly I live close) and in the office, so losing would be hard to take. We are the bookies' favourites and deservedly so, but Spurs are no mugs. It just depends which Spurs team shows up.

I'm curious to see what tactics Klopp chooses here, whether he plays it safe or lets the boys off the leash.