Dear Abby,

I have this troubling mental affliction and I'm not sure there's any cure. I'm hoping you can help?

Last May Liverpool beat the mighty Barcelona 4-0 at Anfield in one of the greatest comebacks of all time. I say one of the greatest because Liverpool have a habit of great comebacks, but this one was special. Then again, after every comeback, I always say that. And that's part of my problem.

Anyway, since that comeback, any time I'm on the web all I have to do is see the merest hint of a video from that night and I have to watch it. Most recently, I watched a 12 hour video of the paint drying in the Liverpool locker room in the hours leading up to kick off and I've also watched the grounds-people cutting the grass blade by blade with the scissors of a Swiss Army knife but that video was only 4 hours long.

Of course I've watched the goals from every available angle and I do feel that I'm really on the field. Confusingly I'm assisting, scoring, watching and cheering each of the 4 goals, but this is all part of my present affliction.

Is there any hope for me? Will I someday be able to see the words "Liverpool, Barcelona, video" and not have an uncontrollable imperative to click on it and lose endless hours every day?

I suppose I could wait for our next comeback - there will be more - but in the meantime, do you have any suggestions to help me?

Yours sincerely,
Bewlidered, delighted and still incredulous.​