well for those of you on the ground and those of us in the cloud, we already know this having "felt" the scorn of man u fans.
the Guardian did a survey with a terrific industry standardized sample size of 5 people and 100% of them pick city to win
over Liverpool. but it is their reasons that leaks their fear of LFC.

"City going from five to six league titles scares me less than the idea of an era of Anfield dominance under Jürgen Klopp beginning."
"they have 18 we have 20, not liverpool"
"i'd pick the city treble over liverpool wining the league"
"City have won titles recently. So it’s less of an irk. I’d rather they don’t retain one. But the prospect of Liverpool winning the title horrifies me. They’re the most pandered to/perspective lacking football club. They simply can’t win. "