We all remember "the slip", which cost us the title. Chelsea went on to win 2-0 that day and that was it, title-wise. To recap, with 3 games to go, we were 5 points clear of Chelsea (same games played) and 9 clear of City who had played two games fewer. 80-75-71. So we lost to Chelsea, drew with Palace and beat Newcastle. In truth, though the Palace game (3-3) is often pointed to as the death-knell, given City's superior goal difference (as now), even a win at Palace and Newcastle would have seen us lose the title after the loss against Chelsea. Also, in truth, it wasn't a slip by Gerrard. He took his eye off the ball and allowed it to squirm under his foot. In trying to recover his position, he slipped. But the damage had been done by his taking his eye off the ball and it squirming away. That and the high line Rodgers was playing meaning that there was no one back when Ba got the ball. Ghostly echoes of times past.

Which brings us to this Sunday, when Chelsea come north again with spoiling on their mind though this time only to try to cement a top 4 place rather than an outside shot of the title. Also, results notwithstanding, this is a Chelsea side in disarray and when pushed by a good side, they have generally wilted. They are not the side only pegged by by Sturridge's worldie at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season. Don't get me wrong, it will be a tough game, but we have the quality to see them off, if we play well.

The back 4 picks itself with Lovern reclaiming his place from Matip. The front 3, as you were and midfield is now anyone's guess. 3 of Henderson, Wijnaldum, Milner, Keita and Fabinho. Wijnaldum has lookeed off the pace in the last two games, Henderson and Keita have really showed new leases of life, Fabinho is playing superbly and Milner will not let you down. At a guess and only that, Fabinho, Henderson and Keita?

Chelsea played Sunday, Thursday away in Europe and now travel to us. They'll be tired, plus they're far from a happy side, a fluid side. They're still dangerous, but then again, we are Liverpool.