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Thread: Irresistable Force meet Immovable Object - Rodgers at Leicester

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    Default Irresistable Force meet Immovable Object - Rodgers at Leicester

    Opinions differ on Brendan Rodgers and clearly I am not a fan. Still, I'm looking forward to his tenure at Leicester.

    It's the exciting combination of someone I think of as an arrogant pissant (an American expression denoting excessive self-confidence in one with modest gifts) and a manager-killing locker room that seems a threat to lie down and whine at any moment. It gives me much the same feeling as that I experience when a really badly-behaved child throws a public tantrum and the parent neither capitulates nor solves the problem but instead makes an equivalent mess of things with sublime assurance. A sort of guilty fascination like rubbernecking as you pass by a car crash.

    This seems a heady mix of characters. Nitro meets Glycerin.

    It's hard to know who to root for as I find both sides unappealing. The thought that someone has to lose cheers me up no end.

    Pass the popcorn.
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