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Thread: A modest proposal

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    Default A modest proposal

    So I got up early to find a feed for the Royal Wedding and saw nothing but yammering talking heads until I found a feed (PBS) that had no commentary at all. When I got that up and running I woke up my wife and went back to bed. She had a wonderful time and remarked how *nice* it was to watch something with having it painfully *explained* to you.

    And now - the purpose of this thread - hence the title:

    How hard would it be to eliminate all commentary? Leave a discreet graphic showing the score and time in the upper-left hand corner. Let the crowd noise cover the audio portion. Just make it an alternate feed for those of us who really don't care what anyone "has in his locker" or who "wanted it it more".
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    Have watched more than a few games on video only feeds; it all depends on what you like. Initially, I thought it was fantastic, but ultimatlely i missed the commentary and the occasional insights. Yes, some of both can be intensely annoying, but given the choice, I'd take commentary over no commentary.


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