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Thread: Hillsborough-Anfield run

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    Default Re: Hillsborough-Anfield run

    This hasn't been updated in a while but I wish the lads good luck tomorrow and if you haven't donated as yet please do so. It is for two good cause. Lets support Dominic, Delaware Red and the team because they've been working hard for this day. YNWA.
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    Default Re: Hillsborough-Anfield run

    Many thanks for those who donated. I visited both children's hospitals and am truly honoured to have been able to run 96 miles in memory of our lost ones for such great causes.

    I know a few on here have donated, without naming names, greatly appreciated by all from the Hillsborough to Anfield team. LFCNY once again stepping up to the plate when called for!

    The run was a great success. I even got to bag me a Spice Girl for the last 1.4 miles.

    Over 8k raised so far and this time round being much better prepared I'm in good shape other than a few black toes. couple of days rest and should be back on the road this weekend.

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    Default Re: Hillsborough-Anfield run

    Well done DR!

    Bagging a spcie girl eh. Well done on the run also.
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