It's Gerry McIver's 75th birthday soon so we've decided we can't let it pass without showing our appreciation of Gerry - so we'll sort a Paypal account out and start collecting.

The plan is to pay for a holiday for himself and his missus, Edna. Possibly Malta (Jean Paul, you there?). As Sammo said, he spends enough freezing cold days behind that counter acting as advisor, friend, counsellor, tea maker and all-round boss Red, so lets show him how much we appreciate his graft.

The thing is - keep it as quiet as possible as we don't want him to get wind of it. No tittle tattle in the shop neither. I don't think he comes on here but a lot of people who know him do - so 'mums the word'.

I'll post Paypal details when its sorted. We've about 6 weeks collecting if we want to surprise him at the HJC do.

If anyone has a better suggestion for a pressie - then let me know.

Ta OTK'ers. I'll also post this on Rattle and RAWK.,20843.0.html