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Thread: Planet Everton

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobR View Post
    Yet we've played 8 of the top 10 teams in the table and they've played 6 of them. So they've had a more-difficult-than-average set of fixtures and we've had a helluva-difficult one. Not that everyone shouldn't immediately panic as we have a history of playing like crap against the minnows. ;-)
    It's a good point that teams like Burnley and Watford, who we've dropped points to, are consistently doing well so far. Our results are skewed somewhat, not as bad as it seems.

    Meanwhile, we're all still laughing at Evert-n.

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    So, let's just *pretend* that Everton gets relegated this year. I know that *this couldn't possibly happen* but try to imagine it, hypothetically. So it's next season and the fixture list comes out. Do you call up your Everton friends/family/workmates and say, "I can't find the derby on my schedule. When do we play you?"
    ‘How many mistakes are you allowed?’ Klopp asked the fourth official. ‘Because if it’s 15, you’ve got one left.’


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