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  1. Re: RB Salzburg v Liverpool: The hills are alive, with the sound of music!

    Mo sure hates the easy goals, don't he.
  2. Re: A south coast trip at a reasonable hour. Bournemouth away.

    That new signing in midfield did a pretty good job today.
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    Re: Liverpool v Everton: Derby!

    Always enjoy a good old fashioned derby beat down. But I must remember we can't get complacent, they're only ten wins behind us.
  4. Re: Crystal Palace v Liverpool: Crikey! Croydon chaos on call?

    While a big scoreline and very little drama would be a nice change every so often, gotta love these nail biters. Roll on.
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    Re: How they say "toast" in Argentina?

    Time will tell but at this point I can't imagine a worse owner-manager match than Levy and Mourinho.
  6. Re: Liverpool v City: Surely City Slip on Sky Super Sunday against the Scousers!

    Really absorbing game to watch, as BD says City started very strong and we were fortunate the handball / non-handball and Fabinho bomb broke their stride a bit. After that, we were just more...
  7. Re: Why, it's the CL Final...nope, just Spurs at home.

    Another three points, strong comeback after an early wobble. Sounds like it was a nice evening out for BD overall. Roll on.
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    Re: Man United v Liverpool: Ole vs. Allez

    Now that the league winning streak monkey is off our backs, let's start another one. Still grates to drop points to the scum tho.
  9. Re: The return of the Tremendous. Leicester home.

    Still waiting to wake up after the end of the Foxes match yesterday and the City result this morning. Very nice weekend.
  10. Re: Liverpool v FC Nasty Energy Drink Cum Marketing Ploy Salzburg

    Whew, those Von Trapp kids can ball if you give them the chance. Wonder if they can sing too?
  11. Re: Liverpool v FC Nasty Energy Drink Cum Marketing Ploy Salzburg

    The hills are alive with the sound of Anfield.
  12. Re: Sheffield United v Liverpool: An early Saturday visit to Bramall Lane

    Lost a bit of bladder control there in the second half.
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    Re: 2020 Summer Transfer Window

    Yup very hard to take this seriously but I'd welcome him back if he'd accept the role Klopp had for him. Could turn into another total-commitment type veteran like Milner...or maybe not.
  14. Re: The Milk/Littlewoods/Rumbelows/Coca-Cola/Worthington/Carling/Capital One/Carabao Cup

    Milner MoM; Elliott best hairdo.
  15. Re: Napoli v Liverpool: When the moon hits your eye like a Napoli Ultra's belt-wrapped fist...

    Yup an injury free (for both players and supporters) draw here would be a good result but still hoping for a win.
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    Re: Wilkommen Juergen

    Anyone with a triple digit IQ would stay away from RM, Barca's a beautiful location but I can't imagine the club holds the same star appeal today as it once did.
  17. Re: Fathead brings the dwarves to Anfield. Newcastle home.

    Once we woke up, pretty much a dominating win. A very important three points, thanks to the Canaries.
  18. Thread: Carlsberg

    by RyeRed

    Re: Carlsberg

    LFCNY Forum. Probably not bored out of minds with another international break.
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    Re: Burnley v Liverpool: Our Kryptonite?

    Hard to choose among these three for sure. We were putting in some crunching Dyche-type challenges and an away match that would have typically been our undoing several years ago was relatively...
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    Re: Champions League Group Stage 2019-20

    Random was scary close. Napoli will be a real challenge but we should go through.
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    Re: Burnley v Liverpool: Our Kryptonite?

    Tough match, we should again have too much for them but I always worry about injuries in this one. Brother Dyche likes a good hard tackle (kick).
  22. Re: Southampton v Liverpool: Saints to be spanked on the sea-shore by the Scousers

    Avoided this banana skin - barely. Crazy scheduling so close to Istanbul, freak injury to Adrian, gutted our way through an uninspired performance thanks to Mane and Firmino primarily. Adrian made...
  23. Re: Silverware chance this early in the season? Why, thank you. Chelsea. SuperCup.

    The tactical change definitely had an effect, especially in the first half however the general level of energy and play was well below our recent standard in the MF and back line. Early days, hope...
  24. Re: Silverware chance this early in the season? Why, thank you. Chelsea. SuperCup.

    This win felt like a loss. Crap midfield, dodgy defense, had to labor mightily over 120 minutes and PK's in a meaningless game. Hope we can bounce back for the weekend which counts, of course. ...
  25. Re: Liverpool v Norwich: The seasons starts on Friday

    The Canaries do look good going forward, but we cut them open pretty much at will. Would have liked to see a few more goals from us but that's being too picky. Adrian will provide decent cover but...
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